Have you visited the Sarasota Medieval Fair? If not, you are missing out!

Games, food, shows, crafts, and medieval themed happenings everywhere. I strongly suggest checking out the human chess match and the bird shows!



From their site: https://www.sarasotamedievalfair.com/

An Historical Journey!

The Sarasota Medieval Fair has been an annual tradition since 2005 and our amazing team is proud to live and work in our Southwest Florida community.  We are proud to be organizing such a fantastic family-centered event and we are honored by the huge amount of community support we have received in such a short time.

We hope you will join us in November at our new location, the Woods of Mallaranny, for a historical journey back in time!  We encourage all to interact with our cast of characters, ask questions,and participate in the grandeur of color, sound, taste, and festivities as you stroll through our medieval village!

So many of us on our team cherish the festival as more than just an event. The Sarasota Medieval Fair brings together local artisans, performers, and vendors, and serves as a fundraiser to multiple non-profit organizations in pursuit of their missions. It’s a creative forum for learning about the history of the Medieval era through a wide-range of family friendly activities, and an occasion through which our community has made lasting friendships and lifelong memories. A huge thank you to all our participants and guests who have supported us over the years to help us make our festival as wonderful as it is.

What is the Sarasota Medieval Fair?

The Sarasota Medieval Fair is an rustic cultural and ceremonial reenactment celebrating the history of our European ancestral forefathers including traditional farming technique demonstrations, baking/cooking demonstrations with local ingredients (cheese turning, smoked turkey legs, roasted nuts, roasted corn, produce, jams, cakes, etc), equestrian tournaments and performances, animal rides, blacksmithing demonstrations, educational history lessons, a petting zoo, children’s activities such as a hay maze, coloring/painting, storytelling, coat of arms/family heritage research activities, archery contests, and an assortment of local crafters who sell traditional/historic based items sourced locally.  There are also demonstrations for cotton and wool clothe weaving, basket weaving, pottery, metal/coin stamping, glass blowing, leather making, wood carving, art/sculpture making, traditional jewelry making, and candle making.

Be our Guest as we orchestrate this historical adventure back in time!