Hey there! Coming at you today from Venice and another beautiful sunny day here in Southwest Florida.

One of the questions we get from people that are looking to locate here permanently, find a vacation home here, and sometimes they just call us to ask our opinion on their vacation plans is

Why Sarasota?

That question is easy to answer in a quick sentence, the beaches are great, the food's fantastic the weather's perfect, the taxes are wonderful.

What we find in our group is that we all have a different way of answering that question. For that, what we want to do is to take you on a journey to start to highlight Why Sarasota. There's so much that is in this community, the people, the places, the things that make it amazing and we don't think it's something that can be easily answered in one quick video. We want to take you want to journey and really answer the question, Why Sarasota?

What makes this a great place to be whether it's a vacation destination, whether you want to be here part of the year or you want to make this your full time residence. We want to encourage you to come along and investigate that with us to take a look at the cultural amenities, the types of people that are here, the food that exists, the beaches, all that encompasses this community.

So we invite you to come and do that with us. We think it's going to be a fantastic journey to take you on.